Bike Saddle Bag

The Problem

When I got my bike, I immediately started looking into various ways to put your stuff on the bike so you don’t have to carry it on your back while you’re biking. There’s front-baskets, back-baskets, panniers, people even attach milk crates to their bikes with bungee chords.
Cudos for the kludgery on that last one.

But there’s a problem common to all of these accessories: when you get where you’re going, you have to take all the stuff out of the container to take it with you. People end up just storing things like tire pumps and other bicycle-related things in those containers, and having a separate backpack that they carry on their backs.

This seems super silly. If you’re already putting all your stuff into a bag, you should be able to take it with you when you get off the bike.

The Solution

Introducing, my saddle-bag/shoulder-bag hybrid.

I was in need of a new computer bag anyways, so I got one that was big enough to hold everything I need.

I attached carabiners to either side, and attached that to my bike, and it’s exactly like a pannier.

The shoulder strap goes across the back of the bike.

Now when I get where I’m going, I can unhook the carabiners, and I have a shoulder bag to carry with me.

I also have a basket on the other side, to store things that I leave with my bike (pump, locks, helmet, WD-40)

Alternative Solution

Owen Lynch attached removable baskets to the back of his bike instead. This seems less convenient for carrying around something like your computer and books, but has worked out super well for buying groceries.

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